We understand today's current and emerging physical, human, and cyber threats ... ​​and what it takes to protect against malicious activity and intent


To develop and deliver professional, focused and innovative protective security services and solutions; providing our clients with a safe and secure operating environment.


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The total concept of information, personnel, physical and cyber security in order to provide protection against specific threats.

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Montane Protective Security Protective Security
Montane Protective Security Information and Cyber Security
Montane Protective Security Personal Security Assessments

Protective Security Risk Assessments

Cyber and Information Security

Personal Security and Safety

Businesses of all sizes face unprecedented security risks from a wide range of constantly evolving threats

More than ever your staff, clients and investors expect that information is being adequately protected 

Today’s threat environment is constantly evolving  and becoming increasingly malicious; in Australia and overseas

Montane Protective Security Crowded Places Assessments

Crowded Places Assessments

The threat of crowded places attacks in Australia is significant, persistent and evolving

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Business Continuity Management

You can’t schedule disasters or mission critical events, but you can plan to mitigate their effects

Montane Protective Security Security Training

Security Awareness Training

Constantly evolving cyber and physical security threats mean that organisations face unprecedented risks

Highly skilled, our security cleared and licensed professionals have proven backgrounds in specialist security organisations and are proficient in working within highly sensitive operational environments.

We maintain memberships with leading-edge professional and government associations in order to provide current and best practice protective security advice, services and solutions.
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