Boardroom Security

Confidentiality and integrity of sensitive boardroom discussions and meetings is essential in order to maintain confidence, competitiveness, profitability, compliance and corporate image. 

Whilst the availability and capability of technology is increasing, the ways in which malicious actors can unlawfully access personal and corporate devices is also rising.

With the present and constantly evolving computer and phone hacking threat coupled with image and sound capture device concerns, organisations face the ever increasing risk of unauthorised access and compromise of sensitive corporate information by competitors, criminal elements and foreign entities seeking to gain insight into internal dealings, finance, intellectual property and other classified information. Data loss due to a disgruntled or former employee is also a threat that must be taken seriously.

To reduce these very real risks, our highly skilled and experienced security consultants conduct physical and technical assessments of company boardrooms in order to identify and analyse security risks based on your business operations.

Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report is developed for senior management which outlines identified security concerns and threats and lists priority remediation strategies. We can then assist you to implement adopted security protocols and processes to protect sensitive boardroom information and data.