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Supply Chain Security Risk Management

Supply chains have expanded rapidly over the decades, with the aim to increase productivity, lower costs and fulfil demands in emerging markets. Now more than ever, security of the supply chain is a key a concern of transport, storage, data centre, logistics and manufacturing companies.

Concerns about theft, damage and integrity of assets, along with the threat of serious and organised crime, espionage, and cyber crime are critical to business survival; as well as the protection of sensitive client information and systems.

A core component of supply chain risk management is planning of an organisation’s security program, including a formal risk assessment and selection of controls and countermeasures. In line with ISO 28000:2007 – Specification for security management systems for the supply chain and associated document suite, MPS offers services for provision of effective physical security management that identifies security threats, assesses risk, establishes objectives for implementing controls and continuously improves the physical security of the organisation.

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