cyber and information security

Cyber and Information Security

More than ever your staff, clients and investors expect that private and sensitive information is being adequately protected against unauthorised access and release.

Business in Australia is adopting communications, computer and online technology at a rapid rate with many companies moving towards “paperless” operations. However, the threat of cybercrime in Australia is also increasing with tactics and techniques used by criminals - both individuals and organised groups - constantly evolving. Put simply, business security is not keeping pace with advances in technology, providing a significant advantage to cybercriminals and other malicious actors.

No business has the resources to completely eliminate cyber and information security risks.This means businesses need to make the right strategic choices regarding which threats to mitigate.

No longer is the cyber threat aimed at big corporations and financial institutions alone - everyone is a target. A successful malicious data breach can have catastrophic effects on a business’s reputation, credibility, financial situation and future. 

Risks include unauthorised access of  business systems and data, social engineering and malicious software such as ransomware; all leading to catastrophic security breaches and compromise of private and sensitive information. In order to reduce these risks, we have developed budget friendly and specifically tailored assessment packages for micro, small, medium and large entities.

Cyber and Information Security assessments give you an independent and objective view of your company operations; ultimately providing validation of existing security measures and ensuring treatment of identified vulnerabilities.

cyber and information security