Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats - commonly known as an APT - are attacks in which an unauthorised user gains access to a system or network and remains there for an extended period without being detected.

Cyber Speak: Part 1

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Cyber Speak: Part 3

Cyber Speak: Part 4

What is Protective Security?

What is Protective Security and how can its application ensure a safe and secure working environment for staff and clients?

Cyber and InfoSec Threat Actors

Within the information security world, a threat actor is defined as an individual or group involved in malicious activity and can be categorised as state and non-state, hostile, intentional, non-hostile or unintentional.

The Cyber Kill Chain

The cyber kill chain (originally developed by Lockheed Martin) is an industry-accepted methodology for understanding how an attacker will carry out malicious activities in order to gain access and cause harm an organisation.

Cybercrime in Australia

It is well documented that instances of cybercrime are on the rise in Australia with criminals increasingly targeting all levels of business. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before your business operations falls victim to a malicious cyber based attack. The Australian government has reported that over 60% of cybercrime attacks are aimed at Small to Medium businesses.

The Dark Web: A Snapshot

The Dark Web is a region of the Deep Web and is a domain where users are more inclined to be engaged in illegal and nefarious activity. Such activities include: drug dealing and trafficking, pornography, and hacker message boards and buying and selling sites.

Trusted Insider Attacks

An insider attack is a malicious act perpetrated on a network, computer system or unlawful release of information by a person with authorised access. Insiders that perform attacks have a distinct advantage over external attackers because they have access to sensitive company data and may be familiar with network architecture and system policies/procedures. There may be less security against insider attacks because many organisations focus on protection from external attacks. 

Social Engineering Tactics

No matter how secure a location or system is, there’s always a way to gain unauthorised access. While companies are learning how to strengthen their premises and computer systems with technical security measures, hackers and malicious actors will always target the weakest part of a security program - humans.

Ransomware in Australia - Facts and Figures

76 percent of businesses in Australia were targeted by ransomware in 2017. Australia has the highest rate of ransomware attacks within the Asia-Pacific.

Types of Malicious Software in Australia

Malware - short for malicious software - is software designed to infiltrate, damage or obtain information from a computer system without the owner’s consent and attacks various operating systems, applications, ICT infrastructure and devices.

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