security risk assessments

Protective Security Assessments

Businesses of all sizes face unprecedented security risks from a wide range of constantly evolving threats - malicious individuals and criminal elements can and will penetrate a company’s property, important assets, financial information, equipment and sensitive infrastructure.

Sound security practices are a core responsibility of any business. Security should form part of an organisation’s culture, and integrated into its philosophy, policy and procedures.

Working closely with you and your staff and in line with you company’s mission, scope and budget, our experienced security operators will carefully assess your organisation’s security systems, policies, and protective posture against all identified direct and in-direct threats, hazards and risks to your mission and business operations.

MPS takes a holistic, client-specific and integrated approach to the facilitation of effective protective security risk, encompassing recognised pillars of security risk management, be it people, information, or physical based threats. All assessments are conducted using current and widely-used standards standards including the HB 167: Security Risk Management, Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge and Australian government protective security standards and frameworks.

security risk assessments