workplace security training

Security Awareness Training

Constantly evolving cyber and physical security threats mean that organisations face increased risks to their employees, systems, operations, and information.

These threats include physical attacks and theft as well as computer viruses, social engineering and other malicious attacks, leading to loss of highly sensitive client and harm to staff. Whilst a company may have the best technical and physical safeguards, the human factor is always the weakest link in the security chain  - be it an intentional or unintentional act.

In order to reduce these very real risks, MPS has developed client focused educational seminars that are customised to fit your company’s scope, operations and budget and aimed at enhancing individual security awareness across all levels of your business.

Whilst training may be conducted in-house, using a trusted and proven third party to conduct security seminars will remove additional workloads from already busy staff and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Implementation of this training for current and new team members will ultimately reduce the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive and private company and client information, ensuring company confidence in the eyes of clients, partners and shareholders.

workplace security training